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Isa's Story

September 13th, 2018

I would like to report a minor miracle

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Okay, in my world it’s rather a major miracle but know your audience: this doesn’t and shouldn’t qualify as major with this crowd – these things are subjective.

Drum roll, please …

Roxy, Don’t-Fence-Me-In, Roxinator has remained in her round up on a daily basis for the past week and a half. Six days last week and two and half (so far) this week. I have now moved beyond the shock and awe of this dramatic change and can only conclude that she has made up her mind to stay inside. I have no doubt that if she wanted to get out, she would. I say this to remind myself not to take her continued confinement for granted, particularly if someone should pay me a call. But I will happily take this new situation and call it miraculous.

Otherwise, I know it’s been a while since I updated so here are some tidbits:

This happened a while ago before the miraculous decision mentioned above:

Not there when I left for work and was when I came home so the incident occurred during daylight hours. Therefore, doubtful that it was anyone other than Roxy. I have made what amends I could to the Raven Spirits.

This is not a great picture but I think it tells the tale of hysteria at the nerve of someone (not me) being at the trailer. Who would have thought the table would hold her weight?

A friend asked for pictures of the inside of the trailer. I took one of the bedroom and then someone needed to pose. Camera shy, she is not. Although I do wish she smiled more often.

This cracks me up – I have no explanation. It took quite a bit for her to get into this situation/position:

And in case you thought it was all dogs and no play, a friend and I went to a local lavender farm this past weekend (no dogs allowed).

This is a (not great) older picture from before we moved but it appears I’ve not previously offered it for your entertainment. She is standing on top of an ottoman I had tied down to block the dog door so she wouldn’t wake prince charming on weekend mornings. Something very exciting/alarming was going on outside.

And looking at that picture I realize how much she’s changed since we moved; so much happier, calm(er) and way more confident. She is so much more her goofy self now and that makes me happy.

In non-dog related news, I’ve started talking to house designers, working out who to hire to build the house-to-end-all-houses, otherwise known as my dream house. This has me more or less freaked out, mostly for financial reasons. One large financial component is the necessary septic system which will tricky/impossible on my rocky sloped land and do you think I can get a septic company to call me back? Sheesh. Baby steps will keep me off the ledge. Or the hillside as the case may be. Speaking of hillsides, here’s a video of the property with a brief cameo of someone you’re familiar with.

Now for the update on my living situation because I am here solely for your entertainment: Overall holding steady at “nearly functional.” I am working at getting the trailer ready for winter (with certain full-time RVers’ input). Looking at the list and my current rate of progress, I should be ready by about May. I’m also close to purchasing and setting up solar panels (cost is causing some hesitation) so I have a more reliable (and larger) power source than swapping batteries out and schlepping them to the car parts store to be charged more or less weekly.

For reference and clarification of the following story, the batteries are my only power source. Without it/them, the refrigerator, the lights and the water pump do not work. No showers, no dish washing and a frig full of rotten food. After the sun goes down and without a working battery, functionality plummets.

And that questionable functionality blew up last night. The battery that was currently in use faded out, more or less on schedule, at about 8:30 pm. Out in the dark with a flashlight, I hooked up the allegedly freshly charged battery. My helper and I went back in the trailer, lights were on, and I started to wash the dishes. The lights began to dim almost immediately and I was getting no more than a trickle of rinse water. Another ten minutes and even that little was gone. Battery was completely dead. Finished the dishes by flashlight.

Put my make up on this morning by flashlight – not my best work – and carried the dead batteries to the car parts store (also in the car: the contents of the refrigerator for storage in the office frig for the duration). The service guy tested the battery and it was trashed. No idea why, not that it matters.

Still under warranty so I have a brand spanking new battery in the back of my car. Hopefully, I will remember to bring the food home this evening. I have a stickie note reminder so maybe.

In addition to the battery thing last night, I’m leaving tomorrow for the weekend to attend my niece’s wedding. Further complicating this trip (not counting spending three days with family – always dicey), I have been summoned for jury duty beginning Monday morning at more or less zero dark thirty. I may not have to turn up but won’t know until Sunday but given how things have been going, I’m betting I will have to show. This plethora of unknowns for Monday has completely bollixed my previous plans for Monday as a day off for general post-trip regroup.

I realize, typing this up, that it doesn’t sound like all that much but it has just about done me in. Y’all have been wondering where my breaking point is (as have I) and we may have found it. At this point, my stress level is rather high, mix in a family wedding and I may need bail money. You have been warned.

So that’s our current status/what we did over the summer. More of course as it unfolds.

On an entirely separate note, a while ago I got an email from Snapfish saying that if I didn’t place an order, the pictures they had stored would go away. There are only a few and most of them are in other places but I spent $3 and ordered a couple of prints. They were pictures I’d not seen for a while so I will leave you with these:

I do wish she was smiling in those first two pictures but one can’t have everything. I miss her every day.

Love and hugs to all. I hope you have all had a great summer!

Teri, the Roxinator and Angel Isa


  1. Wow Teri, Busy summer. Love the video of the property and can see why septic would be an issue with the rocky hillside.
    I am so glad that Roxy has been staying put so that is your yay in all of this. Very positive thing for her. 🙂

    Solar power would help you out so much but i understand the cost factor as that is $ you would be spending on the house but you need electric and the other thing is your poor back moving batteries all the time.

    I am glad you spend the $3.00 and saved your pictures. Those are great ones and I would hate for you not to have them.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

      Michelle — September 14, 2018 @ 12:38 am   Reply

  2. Very busy summer indeed! Kudos for surviving it – pretty sure I would have run screaming with my tail between my legs long before this. So glad Roxie is settling down. LOVE the pictures of you and Isa. Good luck with the septic folks.


      dobemom — September 14, 2018 @ 3:53 am   Reply

  3. You are stone cold nuts!!! Straight jacket ready!! Bat shit crazy!!! And that’s why we all adore yoi and admire the heck out of you!!❤❤❤ All Pioneers were considered a bit whacky, only to be hailed as heroes later!! You are already out hero! Our Warrior Woman Hero!!😎

    You have a pioneer spirit unlike any we see in this day and age! I absolutely marvel at the gutsy endeavors yoi take on every day and never back down!! YOU NEVER BACK DOWN!!!

    Sure, you may feel like you have reached your breaking point, but we know better. Those of us who have had the privilege of “traveling ” with you on this journey, k ow thst uour “breaking point” is merely just a crack here and there. A crack that somehow repairs itself. The repairs usually happen after a couple of good night’s sleep, some wine and a couple of bowls of ice cream! That, along with just sitting quietly on your land and soaking in that BEAUTIFUL landscape that surrounds your home. It really is breathtaking.

    And ya’know what? I actually think this wedding thing will be good for you. A little mental break and a little physical break would be good for you. A day where you are surrounded by electricity, hot water, food refrigeration without having to do any physical labor to get it!

    Bummer about the jury duty thing. Hope you can get the day off as you planned. If not, maybe it will end up being that you network with someone who can help you with the solar and septic!!

    Really interesting that Roxy has stayed in her pen. Hard to tell what’s going on in that head of hers. As you said, she could get out anytime. Maybe she’s figured out a way to lure poor unuspecting birds into her domain!

    And that picture of her as she got herself in that sleeping position under the tavle… well done Roxy!

    I cannot imagine….truly cannot imagine…. the emotional muscle that you have developed to stay the course….. not to mention the physical muscle! I’ve said it over and over in many different ways, but I am in complete and total awe ofn your commitment and determination to overcome every challenge that has been thrown your way!!! And I know for a fact, the hurdles that you’ve described today are just the tip of the iceberg as far as everything you’ve overcome!!

    It lit me up like a Christmas tree to hear how Roxie has become more relaxed, more confident and overall just plain happier since your move. She’s just not interested in being a “Yuppie Neighborhood Dog”…..and neither are you!😎 I think that’s a really important sign to hold onto. That, along with the rainbow thst Isa sent you when you first started this journey.

    And ya’ know, if there is a way to get the solar going, it may not seems a urgent to get your dream home built “yesterday”!
    If your RB lifestyle could be a bit easier, you may be able to relax a little more and take your time getting the right design and getting your finances stronger

    Now, take a few moments to focus on those BEAUTIFUL pictures you posted of you and Isa❤ They are so full of love. You truly are ONE with each other💖 As I scrolled down reading this, and then saw the pictures of you and Isa, I immediately had a calm come over me. A peace. An understanding that everything would work out. Isa is making sure of it.😎

    Oh, and yes, you do an excellent job of “entertaining” us😂🤣

    We love you Teri! Glad you posted today. Hopefully can feel our support.😊 And hopefully, somehow it brings you some good luck😚😚😚

    Sending you love…and renewed strength…..and bail money of needed!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

      benny55 — September 14, 2018 @ 4:13 am   Reply

  4. Oh Teri. I think I told you you’re nuts a while ago – and also that you must be the bravest person I know! I’m sticking with that, just so you know!! 🙂
    I also know some things about RV living and that’s why I’ve been vehemently refusing to winter-camp.
    BUT: everything else sounds absolutely fantastic! The Roxinator looks rather content (and she is such a character I always get a smile on my face) and the property is a dream!! Do keep us updated and yes, I WILL post bail for you if necessary (needing bail would likely get you out of jury duty, too… 🙂 just saying…)
    I am still amused how we seem to be dealt our cards in reverse order with Isa and Roxy and Manni and Thilo 🙂
    Keep us posted please, if you happen to survive the wedding, and if you need refuge during the winter: Germany takes refugee, as do I 🙂

      tinsch — September 14, 2018 @ 1:45 pm   Reply

  5. I’ve obviously been out of your update loop, Teri! But am so happy to read an update (and be entertained since that’s what you’re here for 😉).

    Roxy has really come great strides. She must be a pretty bendy dog to get herself under that table…and sleep!

    And those $3 pictures are priceless. Thank you for sharing them with us 💜.

    I’ll be eager to hear how the dream Home construction comes
    along so keep us posted!

    Jeanette, Angel Boone, Tornado Tuck, and Tuck’s soon to be sidekick

      Jeanette — September 14, 2018 @ 7:13 pm   Reply

  6. Teri you are a hysterical writer, I love your sense of humor! Every update always makes us smile around here.

    I love that Roxy is adapting to your new digs. Maybe it’s the peace and quiet she needed to find her groove? Whatever you are doing, keep it up!

    As for the batteries (haha you knew I’d have some input on that didn’t you? 😉 …. I’m probably the umpteenth person ask you, but what about a generator? I cannot imagine how hard it would be to live off batteries you have to keep taking to get charged. Yeah I know they’re not cheap, but it will help save your sanity (at least a little!).

    I hope you had a fun weekend at the wedding, and gave all your family something to gossip about when they learned you’re living in a trailer without power! 😉

    P.S. the property is BEAUUUUUTIFUL!!! And the photos of Isa are sooo precious. Thanks for sharing.

      jerry — September 16, 2018 @ 12:06 am   Reply

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